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6 Mistakes you should avoid during hosting a Virtual Event

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As we all know after covid-19 striked the whole world, virtual events became the new normal. Today, Virtual events are becoming exceedingly popular and people are here for it.
However, the majority of planners don’t feel they have the skills they need to run successful online events. Even though virtual events are bringing a huge shift in the event industry, not many planners are experienced with this paradigm. This can inevitably lead to few unfortunate errors. On-site events have the advantage of solving any goof ups on the spot. However, unlike on-site events, digital events can be either good or bad. This makes choosing the right and experienced platform even more important. Organizers who usually do not research much and eventually choose the wrong virtual platform partner experience event failure and come to a conclusion that virtual event is flawed. Before planning an event, it is crucial to have knowledge of the various strategies and implementation, to make the event successful.
Planning a virtual event can be easy and fruitful for your business if you avoid a few mistakes. Listed below are 5 reasons that can lead you to have a disastrous event.

1. Improper Planning

Organizing an event without a foolproof plan is a big no-no. There is nothing worse than hosting an unstructured and unplanned event. Before hosting an event you should be clear on your goals, agenda, objectives and what you want to deliver to your participants from your event. To hold a successful event each element should be planned beforehand. Also, communicate to your virtual event platform partner regarding your goals so that you have a clear understanding of what metrics should be used to measure the success of your event.

2. Improper Timing

Organizing an event willy-nilly without choosing an appropriate date or time according to your business can cause your event to fail. Depending on the nature of your business it is important to identify a proper timing to conduct your event. When will your audience need your event the most? Is there a relevant date, month or year to host your event that can maximize the engagement of your targeted audience? Does the audience require your event during a specific time?
For instance, if you are conducting a virtual school exhibition the aptest time for your targeted audience to be interested in your exhibition would be after the students’ final exam or before the commencement of a new session. Check out ibentos Virtual Education Fair platform to conduct a virtual education exhibition

3. Non-essential content

One of the key mistakes when it comes to virtual events is bombarding the audience with too much unimportant information. Unwanted topics or content can create distraction amongst the audience which can further lead them to tune out from your event. The content should be relevant and interesting enough to keep the audiences focused on the purpose of the event. Your priority should be to give audiences an ample amount of time and opportunity to discuss, question and comprehend all the information.  An ideal programme should contain brief, relevant and engaging content including a healthy balance of text, images, videos.

4. Not choosing the right platform

Choosing the wrong platform for your online event can be a disastrous mistake. As we are in 2021 now, there are various virtual event platforms offering a diverse range of services. To have the best event hosting experience, you need to compare all the different virtual platforms partners and then choose the one that fulfils all your requirements. Do not just look out for the cheapest option or the first option you come across. An ideal virtual platform partner should be able to support you from pre-event planning to event analysis.

5. One integrated platform

Imagine how hectic conducting an event can be if all the data and features are scattered around in a bunch of different platforms. Choosing a virtual event platform that possesses all in one integrated programme saves time and money by accumulating and providing easy access to all the necessary data and information in one place.

6. Unnecessary complications

Overcomplicating your event pages with unnecessary spaces and tech features is one of the most common mistakes you can make while organizing a virtual event. You should plan and organize the spaces of your event page in such a way that the attendees should be able to easily navigate through your platform and access every feature without any confusion. The steps or instructions should be so simple and clutter-free that within 5- 10 seconds, your attendees should be able to enter the virtual or hybrid event and reach the desired conference.


By keeping in mind and avoiding above listed mistakes you can host a successful and hassle-free event for your business and your audiences. To ensure a successful event you should focus on both aspects i.e. what do you want and what do you not want to experience in your event. Most importantly take notes and understand your errors so that you can make the improvements you want the next time around.
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