5 Brands that Clocked 4X Growth with ibentos Metaverse Platform

5 Brands that Grew Multifold with ibentos Metaverse Platform

Across the globe, businesses are consistently searching for options to expand their reach and scale their growth year on year basis. With the constant growth in technology towards reducing human effort and maximizing output, several methods have been used to improve the growth of businesses. Another exemplary technology known as the Metaverse has been changing the scenario of brand building since its inception and has been delivering amazing results.
A major player in this industry is ibentos, whose metaverse platform has been generating talks all over the world. From immersive environments to life-like virtual replicas or real-world venues, from live text chat interactions to real-time voice chat interactions, from live & recorded webinars to engaging games to keep the engagement at peak, from hosting brand conferences to launching classy NFT jewellery shows, the ibentos Metaverse Platform has the potential to do anything and everything. In this blog, we will tell you how 5 global brands transformed their growth curve after getting on board the ibentos Metaverse Platform.

1. BHive, The First Startup Incubator & Accelerator on Metaverse

Metaverse for start-up showcases, expos & conferences

Based in Brampton, Greater Toronto Region, Canada, BHive, a forward-thinking technology company, harnessed the ibentos Metaverse Platform to launch the world’s first startup incubator & accelerator on the Metaverse. Created in order to accelerate the startup ecosystem in the Brampton region, BHive brings a one-stop platform that facilitates budding startups with investors, mentors, government associations and a global stage to showcase their idea, innovation and execution. Being on the metaverse allows BHive to sustain this ecosystem and cater to startups from all over the world and provide them access to all the necessary support required to build them into a brand. The realistic graphics, seamless interactions, voice chats, investor lounges, custom startup stalls, product and brand showcasing, and personalized 3D avatars of startup founders, was an unparalleled experience for the attendees and the execution was widely applauded. By curating engaging experiences in a hyper-realistic virtual environment, BHive opened the doors for new-age entrepreneurs and innovators to create & showcase it to the world, on a platform that’s built for them. Moreover, this has managed to create a nurturing, growth-oriented, open platform for startups, investors and government bodies of Brampton to help each other flourish.

2. Schoolio: Integrating Metaverse to Empower Education

Metaverse for creating brand experience via gamification and community building

Schoolio, a leader in the K-8 learning category across Canada, embraced the metaverse to advocate for affordable, accessible and sustainable education for the new generation. Through the ibentos Metaverse Platform, Schoolio built a one-of-a-kind virtual learning centre for students to access quality education from the comfort of their homes. Post-pandemic Canada has witnessed a hike in home-schooled kids and this is where Schoolio decided to pitch in. Giving home-schooling a fun yet learning environment for students using gamified walkthroughs, interactive touchpoints and games, Schoolio made learning fun and truly engaging. The platform was launched on the eve of Christmas and students of the k-8 age group were invited to enjoy and explore this unique metaverse where they could play games, dance around the playful arena and interact with each other in real-time through voice chats. The ibentos metaverse platform amplified the idea Schoolio had brought and made it an all-in-one platform to access education from home while making it highly interactive, fun and engaging. So as to increase their enthusiasm towards learning, increase their attention span and get better learning outcomes as compared to more traditional learning formats like PDFs, documents and videos.

3. NFJ Labs: Bringing a New Age of Luxury Fashion into the Digital Future

Art Gallery & Product Showcase on Metaverse

NFJ Labs, an innovative and standout luxury fashion brand, seized the metaverse as a runway to unveil its latest designer collections. Through the ibentos Metaverse Platform, NFJ Labs orchestrated a groundbreaking virtual launch of the jewellery designs of famous designer, Alessio Boschi, at the World’s First Non-Fungible Jewellery Gallery, showcased at the Vicenzaoro Jewellery Boutique Show, in Paris. Attendees immersed themselves in a virtual world where they could witness larger-than-life interactive models of ecstatic jewels strutting in ultra-realistic 3D graphics. Attendees could spin the jewels, and zoom in to look at every nook and bit of detail. Taking things to the next level, the ibentos Metaverse Platform also integrated NFT-based transactions to attract prosperous and opulent attendees from around the globe. The result? NFJ received a staggering response and appreciation at the Vicenzaoro Jewellery Boutique Show. The concept was unique and the immersive 3D environment with realistic larger-than-life sized 3D designs of the jewels left the attendees surprised. By embracing the ibentos metaverse platform, NFJ Labs established itself as a trendsetter, fusing fashion and technology to achieve remarkable growth. Moreover, this became a one-stop solution for Alessio’s jewellery enthusiasts and customers to interact with his creations in a completely 3D immersive environment, watch them with high-quality details and place orders for them from the comfort of their homes.

4. Terra Terri: Revolutionising Real Estate Virtually

Property Expo on Metaverse

Based in Hyderabad, India, Terra Terri is a real-estate giant dealing in selling and renting properties at affordable prices. To push their reach and increase their brand awareness, they decided to set up their foot on the Metaverse. The ibentos Metaverse Platform helped Terra Terri to establish an immersive online property expo. A vision to build a one-stop lead generation and visual showcase solution for builders across India, to showcase interactive 3D renders of their properties where customers can actually experience the property in real-time, create a demand for their properties by promoting them, creating a global reach and bringing high-volume enquiries from around the world, resulting in establishing direct interactions with their prospective clients to build a strong network while giving an exponential boost to their conversions. The Terra Terri Metaverse enabled builders to explore more prospects, tap into potential markets, create a streamlined sales funnel, and even allow prospects to log in from their laptops and desktops to explore properties for purchase. The interactive and immersive replicas of real-life properties were created in 3D for customers to experience them using the combination of metaverse with Augmented Reality. This is the First-time Metaverse in India is being used in realty and this is generating great demand among buyers, especially the millennials and the GenZ, who are well-versed in this technology. By merging the physical and digital realms, Terra Terri is tapping into the global realty sector and creating an additional lead generation portal for this industry as a whole.

5. V5 Global: Expanding Brand Presence through Metaverse

Product Launch and Brand Positioning using the Metaverse

V5 Global, a First Meridian Company, is a highly reputed worldwide organization, known for delivering a wide range of services from global staffing solutions and auditing to trade marketing solutions and technology services across the world. When V5 Global planned to launch its three new applications, Brand Pulse, First Meridian Learn and V5 DigiTrac, it needed a platform that could not only showcase the applications in high quality but also provided the attendees an opportunity to interact with the applications while seamlessly interacting among themselves. With the ibentos Metaverse Platform, V5 Global crafted a virtual conference where attendees could experience the ease offered by the three applications and could meet other attendees inside Metaverse & do live interactions with them and the V5 team through their avatars. The platform’s realism allowed users to virtually experience the performance of the applications, the vision of V5 Global and the impact of Metaverse. The result was a fourfold increase in registrations, attendee participation and engagement among attendees. V5 Global showcased how the choice of appropriate technology can boost an event’s success rate and build unmatched brand value in the process.

ibentos Metaverse Platform: The Engine of Transformation

The extraordinary transitions of these brands from linear to exponential growth are made possible by the ibentos Metaverse Platform. The way these brands communicate with their audiences has been transformed by ultra-high quality realistic 3D graphics, immersive surroundings closest to reality, interactive components, and seamless networking capabilities incorporated by the ibentos Metaverse Platform. All of these companies—BHive, Terra Terri, NFJ Labs, V5 Global, and Schoolio—used the potential of the metaverse to quadruple their audience, influence, and revenues. Those that dare to innovate and pioneer in the constantly changing world of business frequently become trailblazers. With the help of the ibentos Metaverse Platform, brands can transcend constraints, defy expectations, and create a distinctive digital narrative. The transformative growth of these five visionary brands is a testament to the metaverse’s ability to turn possibilities into reality, shaping a future where growth knows no bounds.
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