15 Survey Questions to ask from Virtual Audience

15 Survey Questions you need to throw at your Virtual Audience

questions to ask from Virtual Audience
Finished a major event? Are you happy with your event reports and analytics? That’s alright! But is it the end? Is it enough to determine that you event attendees, participants and speakers were all engaged and most likely to attend your next event?
If virtual events are a new jazz for your audience, then it won’t be much of a problem. However, virtual events now are a regular for most of the audiences, so taking them for granted and putting up a clumsy virtual event will only make your event experience worse.
So, how can you ensure that you are aware of what you work on and don’t continue to prepare repetitive content. To curb this possibility, a post-event survey about the event for all your attendees, sponsors and stakeholders is a great option. This in turn can better the experience for next time.

What to keep in mind while designing the event survey?

While surveying the performance of your event, it is important to conduct it when the virtual event is fresh in their mind or immediately after the conclusion of your virtual event. There are multiple ways of putting up your survey questions so that you receive genuine and honest feedback from your audience. And as mentioned earlier, these responses from your audience will only help you design and plan your event better the next time.
  • Let your audience score you based on your event questions. Put the scoring questions in the beginning of your survey questionnaire.
  • Shorter the better. Keep your questionnaire short and crisp. Do not put very lengthy questions for your audience. You would not want them to skip this step, just because of its length.
  • Ask one question on each page, that way it is easier to record the responses to each question.
  • Don’t ask too many open-ended questions. Lengthy questions tend to confuse the audience and require more of their effort. That way you might lose out on responses.
  • However, if you wish to dig deeper and find out more about your event, then open ended questions are the best. This way you will receive valuable insights, grievances and also what the audience thinks of your event.
An interaction with the audience only is not enough, you have to connect with your other stakeholders too. Responses from your attendees and other stakeholders involved during your event will help you understand what works best for your event.

Below is a list of questions to ask from Virtual Audience after the event:

  • How can you rate the event? Put up ratings such as 1 – 10 or excellent – poor from which the attendees can choose accordingly.
  • How likely are you going to recommend the event to a friend? This question will help you gain more attendees next time.
  • Which part of the virtual event did you like the most? This will help you understand which elements of your virtual event were enjoyed the most.
  • Which part of the virtual event you didn’t enjoy at all? This question will help you gather the inconveniences, grievances from the attendees, that will give you an overview of the event’s success.
  • Is there anything further you’d want to share about your event? Give your audience a few open-ended questions so that it gives them an opportunity to be heard.

Questions to ask from virtual audience for sponsorship!

  • You have to ask your sponsors to rate the virtual event firstly. As usual you can ask them for ratings from 1-10 or from excellent to poor.
  • Ask them if the event has met their initial expectations from the event. This can be a direct question, but if you wish to know more about their expectations, put up an open ended question.
  • Has the Virtual Event brought in profits in their business or better their business goals?
  • How likely is it for you to recommend this virtual event to others?