11 Virtual Conference Ideas & Best Practices for Engagement

11 Virtual Conference Ideas & Best Practices for Engagement

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Virtual conferences have become an increasingly popular way for companies and organizations to connect with their audiences, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with so many options for hosting a virtual conference, it can be overwhelming to decide which platform will be the most effective for your audience. An event is primarily a way to engage audience with a brand or its deliverables, hence engagement becomes a prime factor when searching for the best virtual conference platform. In this blog post, we’ll explore 11 virtual conference ideas and best practices for engagement to help you create a successful and memorable event.

1. Live streaming

It is a popular choice for virtual conferences because it allows attendees to watch and interact with the event in real time. This format works well for keynote speeches, panel discussions, and other presentations that benefit from audience interaction. To enhance the live streaming experience, consider using.

2. Virtual keynote speakers

Keynote speakers are a key component of many conferences, and virtual conferences are no exception. Consider inviting industry experts or thought leaders to present a keynote speech or participate in a panel discussion to provide attendees with valuable insights and inspiration.

3. On-demand content

To provide attendees with even more value and flexibility, consider offering on-demand content catalogue that attendees can access after the conference has ended. This can include recordings of the entire event, short messages from the keynote speakers, snippets from engaging activities, and downloadable materials giving insights on the event.

4. Provide Pre-recorded Session

If you’re unable to host a live event or want to provide attendees with more flexibility, you can opt for pre-recorded sessions that can be watched at the attendee’s convenience. This format is ideal for longer sessions or presentations that don’t require real-time interaction. To make the experience more interactive, consider adding a Q&A session after the presentation or providing attendees with a way to leave comments and ask questions.

5. Interactive Scribble wall

Interactive scribble walls are a great way to engage attendees and get them actively participating in the conference. This format works well for hands-on training sessions or activities that require attendees to work through a problem or challenge. It allows attendees to define new perspectives to the conference and moreover allows attendees to collaborate and share their ideas.

6. Virtual networking

Virtual conferences provide a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with each other and with industry experts. To facilitate networking, consider hosting a virtual networking event or providing attendees with a way to connect with each other through a networking platform or social media group.

7. Virtual exhibitor booth

If your conference usually includes an in-person exhibit booth, consider creating a virtual version for attendees to explore. This can offer an immersive life-like booth setup with digital walls to exhibit brand’s information and its product lineup. Moreover accessible links can be offered directed to their websites and demos.

8. Game-based activities

Gamification can be a fun and effective way to engage attendees and add an element of competition to your conference. Consider hosting a virtual scavenger hunt, trivia game, or other game-based activity to keep attendees engaged and entertained.

9. Polls and surveys

Polls and surveys are a simple but effective way to gauge attendee opinions and gather feedback. Consider using a platform like ibentos virtual conference platform which has inbuilt polls and surveys that allow attendees to participate in during the conference.

10. Social media integration

Social media can be a powerful tool for engaging attendees and building a sense of community around your conference. Consider using hashtags, creating a social media group for attendees, or hosting a social media challenge to encourage attendees to share their experiences and connect with each other.

11. Virtual swag bags

Virtual swag bags are a great way to thank attendees for their participation and provide them with some tangible takeaways from the conference. Consider including promotional items, discounts, and other perks in your virtual swag bag to make the experience more memorable.
Virtual Conferences are an economical and an interactive medium to collaborate with industry experts from across the world. As a matter of fact, there has been a constant rise in the demand of virtual conference platforms since 2020, when the pandemic struck. Over the time, such platforms have evolved and have shifted towards delivering an experience rather than focusing just on virtual meetings. The need for delivering an experience is backed by the need to engage the attendees and the speakers to make the event successful. As such there is a huge demand in the market for virtual conference platforms like ibentos which offers world-class immersive and realistic environments, with added essentials like life-like virtual auditoriums, sponsor panels, speaker lounge, game rooms, resource centres and one-to-one interactions among the attendees. With the rise in the demand for virtual events, it’s time to choose the right virtual conference platform that focuses on engagement and growth.
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