Attract attendees to your Virtual Events - 10 tips to know?

10 Tips to attract attendees to your Virtual Events?

attracts attendees to your Virtual Events
In the era of Technology, everything has upgraded, right from Digital Payments to digital documents to infrastructure to Customer engagement to education. The time has come that we too become flexible and flow with time instead of resisting the change.
Certain instances of the past that were beyond man’s control have also indicated changes. Therefore, we should welcome them with open-arms for a brighter future, so Change is only thing constant in the world.
The Event industry has also found solace and growth in Virtual Events during and after the pandemic. Virtual events and attendees complement each other. One is incomplete without the other.

Here are 10 Tips to attract attendees to your Virtual Events?

  1. Making your events Virtual is the primary step in attracting more attendees to your events. This arrangement connects you globally and saves commuting time.
  2. Interactive events encourage and evoke the interest of visitors and attendees, as this kind of platform provides space for healthy discussions and feedback about the brand.
Features like polls and Q&A sessions add value to your virtual events by enhancing their popularity and attracting more attendees
  1. Prominent Speakers should be invited so that a buzz can be created on all social media platforms, resulting in a rise in the graph of attendees.
  2. Understanding your audience also attract attendees to your virtual events, as Virtual events connect salespeople directly with high-intent buyers.
One should start by understanding your audience’s requirements and how your event can help them achieve their requirements, which will appeal to attendees, who would like to participate to get resolutions. So, To do this, one can conduct interviews, and surveys before or after the event. Interview topics can be ,“their role in their workplace, and what do they wish to learn more about?
  1. Pitch in with correct messages and with a focus on attendees and not only the event. After understanding the audience requirements, try to execute them in your promotions.

For example

after attending the event, what knowledge about a new technology or marketing tactic will be taken home by the audience and how it will benefit them in their present and future should be explained clearly.
  1. Gamification- Word, puzzles, leader board games makes events more lively, interesting and makes learning easy rather than monotonous. Activities like clicking pictures on photo booths facilitates in making lifetime memories by spreading positive vibes and adding more visitors
  2. Schedule your events carefully-Keeping your target audience and their time zones in mind, one should schedule their events. Although it’s a virtual event, people have to juggle different things throughout the day. Therefore, one should keep the lunchtime free and end the event before the evening so that people get the time to spend with their families also.
  3. Networking Opportunities-Attendees should be made aware of the networking opportunities present before them in the event so that they can utilize this facility fully which might help them in reaching the next level in their organization
  4. Introducing Contests/ Prizes to allure attendees and capitalize on some short-term offers like coupons, lifetime deals, and rewards
  5. Create hype online about the event-through tools like e-mail marketing and social media channels to spread the word of mouth since it has the potential to target people on the basis of demographics, industry, and interests.
Companies like ibentos, providing event marketing, and event technology solutions are well versed in keeping their attendees engaged till the very end of the virtual events. Hence, one can connect and feel the difference.
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