The idea of virtual events has now become a niche of the event technology companies. It is as though, people, be it attendees or organizers have gone into the virtual mode without wanting to look back from here onwards. So, one can say that yes Virtual Events are here to stay and there is not much more you and your brand can do to efficiently harness the power of virtual events.
Virtual Events boomed during the pandemic and let’s face the fact that today, even if LIVE events return, virtual events have immense opportunities to reach out to a wider audience. Costs, travel and accommodation are no more a reason as to why an attendee couldn’t be there at the event.
When you think virtual, it means, an event organizer or brand will have much lower expenses without having to shell out for a physical place, event staff or for that matter event goodies. This shows that there is a drastic change when it comes to virtual events and you can benefit the attendees in other ways too without shelling out a lot of cash.
When it comes to popularity, virtual events allow you to become a global brand and reach everyone’s ears. Can this get easier? Yes, virtual events coupled with social media too can help your brand drop geographical boundaries, time constraint or networking problems.
So, what could get your audience engaged and help you gain more in terms of visibility and growth. Read more to know: –

1. Workshop

Stay true to your brand and increase your value proposition. So, to stay relevant among your audience, conduct an educational workshop that provides what is of interest to your target audience. This way you get to reach out to them, give away quality content and at the same time, remain in touch with them for future prospects.

2. Training session

If you want to be updated and keep your employees or brand sponsors the same, hold small training sessions for your employees. These sessions or activities need not have an external crowd, but can be for your internal groups. Such activities will boost your employee morale and at the same time, be of value to them in polishing your brand.

3. Product Launch

What can be more innovative than launching your product online? We mean other than saving costs and expenditure, you can as a brand or institute motivate and reach out to your target audience virtually and promote your product. A lot of marketing around this idea and the right Virtual Event platform can help you execute a successful product launch programme.

4. Virtual Concert

In case of an exhibition or art revelation, depending on your industry and the type of audience you cater to, holding a Virtual Concert can be of great use to you. Get a famous band to play, or take a poll on who your audience would want to perform at your virtual event. This will build anticipation and get your attendees to stay throughout the event. This helps you get the right visibility, gather you a different type of audience, understand your audience and take actions in the right direction.

5. Health or well-being workshop

If you are a brand that connects with the wellness of your audience, then a yoga workshop or Q&A with a relevant practitioner can be of great use. This will grab eyeballs, allow your audience to connect with you better and your brand principles.

6. Stand up comedy

A comedy series or comedian to pump up your attendees is always a good idea. Who doesn’t love to be entertained and enjoy some light laughter at a virtual event or after a long eventful day. These comedy sessions can either be recorded or done LIVE according to one’s convenience. However, this can be a great addition to your virtual event programmes.

7. Panel Discussion

This idea is a most ideal one and done by most event organizers to provide worthy information to the audience. Presenting papers, having discussions with a group of other experts, along with LIVE polls or Q&A can increase audience engagement to a large extent.

8. Virtual Interactive Space

This can be majorly done, if you wish to project your brand values or create a picturesque view of your physical space. This can be ideally done at the beginning of your Virtual Event with a walkthrough that can technically be a tour of your campus or the introduction to your virtual event. Either way, a Virtual tour of your event can be a great way to woo the audience into further exploring the event.

9. Competitions

A lot of activities, starting from gamification to online games can be conducted on an online platform. That includes competitions too. So, if you can catch hold of the right virtual event platform, they can readily help you execute a drawing competition, quiz competition or any form of contests that you are looking for!
So, now that you have a few ideas, why don’t you go ahead with them. Also, these do not have to go as single events but can be a part of your larger events to increase your event engagement.
Want to know more about such ideas, reach us and we will help you in executing an engaging, capable and outstanding virtual/hybrid event.